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One of the most valuable benefits of training in the martial arts (Wing Tsun, Wing Chun, Krav Maga, Kung Fu, Karate, Jiu Jitsu) is the sense of self-confidence you gain! You may be wondering how does this type of training Wing Tsun in San Antonio increase a person’s level of self-confidence in a way NO OTHER activity can.

Well. It’s really quite simple. Confidence is a SKILL, and like any other skill, just like improving your balance, or coordination, it’s something you practice by DOING! in your martial arts classes you’ll be presented with new and exciting challenges virtually every class. In each of these challenges you’ll find a new skill to improve, and a new way to grow! Each rank you achieve, you’ll know that you’ve accomplished something truly awesome, and you’ll be more and more prepared for the ultimate goal earning your Black Belt!

Every step along the way, you’ll have your San Antonio Wing Tsun (Chun) instructors, assistant instructors, and kung fu family to help you overcome any obstacles you encounter. This, in itself, is the “process” of success. Facing challenges, and finding a way to accomplish your goals is the most important lesson anyone can learn!

In the process, each time you overcome an obstacle, your confidence builds and becomes more solid. You will learn that you can accomplish virtually any goal you set your sights on, and are willing to work to accomplish!

Learning Wing Tsun in San Antonio is a skill that will carry you through your entire life, and most people NEVER have the opportunity you have to make such a big impact on their own level of self-confidence! Each lesson you attend at Studio Martial Arts will help you become more and more sure of your skills and abilities in Wing Tsun.

Each obstacle you overcome will be a building block of your personal character and self esteem. Studio Martial Arts is the place to be for Wing Tsun in San Antonio to get the confidence you want and deserve.

One of the most important aspects in Wing Tsun is getting out of your comfort zone and taking the steps to begin training. Training is never easy at first, but it is massively beneficial for both martial arts and making decisions outside of martial arts. When you get out of your comfort zone, you are able to really reach goals and break through to different levels of progress in many parts of life.

One thing that I encounter very frequently, is the hesitance to commit to regular training. This is never a bad reflection on the art itself, but a lot has to do with the elements of uncertainty that every person has. As a Wing Tsun Instructor and School owner, the job falls on the instructor to emphasis value in the martial arts program, but the final decision ultimately falls on the potential student. That being said, taking that first big step is what creates long lasting progress and change using martial arts as a main component. But once that step is taken, the fun starts and it really becomes an adventure.

Wing Tsun has something new with every class, a So many students enjoy the lessons at Studio Martial Arts in Stone Oak that it always puts a smile on my face when people join and start their journey. It feels as if they are ready to make a positive change and learn as much as possible.

As the famous Lao Tzu once said, "A journey of a Thousand Miles, begins with a Single Step." That first step is stepping outside your comfort zone, then you are ready to go.

Martial Arts (Wing Tsun Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Krav Maga, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, etc..) and Self Defense in San Antonio and the rest of the world, is based on the idea of expanding your knowledge and honing skills. Kung Fu in the traditional definitions is "hard work to acquire great skill," and in this definition, is the idea of putting your work to great use.

Wing Tsun Kung Fu requires a great deal of practice over the course of time to become proficient with timing, speed, power and motor skills, but that does not mean that training only stops with the body. The mind needs to flourish as well through experience and the drive to learn more knowledge. As a person who wants to expand and understand more of Wing Tsun, many avenues have been open to me through reading and putting myself in the right places to attain certain facts. The most important thing is to have  a drive to learn more and putting pride and bias aside to absorb the knowledge.

The Wing Tsun world in many cases has been a victim of bias and lack of drive to learn the truth from facts. This separates the people who want to learn more and get to the heart of the matter understanding that the truth is not always going to be pleasant and what's expected, from the people that have their ears closed and stick to their guns when the guns are going to burst in hand. The quest for knowledge is one that every martial arts offers, but the person makes the choice on how far they are willing to go as an individual. This can apply to an occupation, a family, or a hobby, and that's why the definition of Kung Fu works so well.

Knowledge is also the key to achieving goals. To quote Sun Tzu's Art of War, "what enables the enlightened ruler and sage general to achieve results beyond the capability of the ordinary man is foreknowledge," which is a common practice to this day by people like Stephen Covey and Bill Gates. The importance of being hungry for knowledge is key to going above and beyond to achieve greatly in martial arts and life. If you want to achieve big, than think big; If you want a hobby, play it as such, either way, martial arts is for everyone who plays a hand.

Be free to learn in every aspect of life and use Wing Tsun, Martial Arts, and Self Defense as a tool to open your mind up to more knowledge. With more knowledge you can accomplish great things.

I had the opportunity to go see The Grandmaster directed by Wong Kar Wai and staring Tony Leung this past weekend. It was an exciting experience to go to the movie theaters here in San Antonio and see a Wing Tsun (Wing Chun) movie on the big screen. The film itself is a dual narrative and focuses on an aging grandmaster and the idea of whom will succeed him, one of them being the late Grandmaster Ip Man in his youth.

The film has three important martial arts set pieces that stand out, each having to do with a separate main character and one of them with the two narrators. The choreography by Yuen Woo Ping was fun to watch, being a fan of many of his works from Drunken Master, Fist of Legend and the Kill Bill Films. The sets were very fun to look at and did set an atmosphere for this story to happen. I enjoyed the philosophy of Martial Arts and the idea of what makes a successor to someone so renown with the concept of passing on the torch.

However, the pacing of this story and the way that the story is told is incredibly slow and the over use of slow-motion makes it tough to sit through. Being a martial arts film, the scenes and stunt work to be a huge portion of it, but the zooming in and slow-motion cuts dramatically pull you out of the experience. I really don't blame the choreography for this, but the direction. I feel Wong Kar Wai really did not portray the fight scenes well and made it way too emphasized on slow-motion and zooms. The pacing is really enough to pull you out of this experience and you may find yourself looking at your watch. This is one that I would not recommend for a Wing Tsun (Chun) film or an Ip Man film as their are way better ones. If you want Ip Man, watch Ip Man with Donnie Yen, if you want Wing Tsun, The Prodigal Son and Ip Man 1 are great places to start. The Grandmaster however.....4/10

I wrote about the importance of looking out for the "Speed Trick,"  but what about training slowly as the starting point of something new. Wing Tsun in San Antonio has three simple principles of training:

1) Understand what you are trying to practice.

2) Train Slowly and Methodically

3) Train for Speed and Power.

In many teaching circles, people tend to overlook one and two. This is very detrimental in the long run and will only hinder progress down the road. By understanding what you are training you are able to set goals and visualize what you want to achieve during practice and practicing slowly puts it into your body and sub-conscience so that it becomes natural.

The reason number two is so important, is because as people, we have  a limited conscience capacity. We can only focus consciously on so many things before our body goes into it's automatic movement patterns. This makes training one thing into the body so important. Training one thing repetitively allows for conditioning movement until there is no more thought needed to keep form or structure. Martial Arts (Wing Tsun, Wing Chun, Kung Fu, Karate, Krav Maga) is about training and conditioning the body with effective movement for effective self defense and benefits. San Antonio Wing Tsun utilizes these concepts so that proper movement is met and becomes automatic through slow practice, building up to higher speeds. Any person can train fast, but the real Wing Tsun Kung Fu pro works up to speed by following his concepts of training.

Martial Arts in San Antonio (Wing Tsun, Wing Chun, krav Maga, Kung Fu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do) has spread vastly over the years. Training Wing Tsun in San Antonio over the years has allowed me to do many intro lessons for new students. But after viewing how certain instructors show their art, it got me thinking. What would be a good way to judge an instructors skill and teaching ability during an intro? Mind you, there are a whole bunch of things to consider, but there is a dead give away to someone who is probably not the person to learn from. That is the speed trick.

Speed looks so cool, but does not indicate any real skill in the art itself. There is an old saying that "speed is the way to cover sloppiness," which is something to consider when observing a so called "Master" of the art.Many times a person walks into a school and immediately the instructor does all these flashy techniques and sped up movements.  What does speeding up for show give to the student interested in trying out a lesson? It gives nothing to the potential student, it only fuels an ego of an instructor.  A new student should get whatever benefit they came in to receive through quality instruction and the martial art. Benefits like confidence, the art itself, the stress relief, and the self defense are the major services that should be given with anyone that walks through the door.

Don't be fooled by "Speed." Speeding up is something that anyone can pull off, but the real skill comes from instruction, the students, and the overall attitude  of the school. Try out San Antonio Wing Tsun today to get all the benefits an art can offer.

Training is always one of the most fun things to do with your time, enjoying the endless amounts of knowledge that can be had from Wing Tsun through it’s principles, concepts, techniques, and exercises. You learn a wide variety of things to adapt the four fundamental principles:

1) Stay with what comes

2) Follow through if the hand retreats

3) If the way is clear, go forward and

4) Give way to greater force.

As these four principles are the core ideologies of Wing Tsun, they are heavily reinforced by exercises and drills that hold it’s concepts to apply them. But after training to great lengths a few things can happen that may cause inevitable burn out faster as well as lead to injury. Overtraining can be the cause to injury and burnout, but the act of training incorrect movement and body structure can be all the more damaging in the long term.

The Human Body is an amazing machine that can adapt, repair itself, and get stronger depending on the type of training you do. This has been shown many times through the athletes in history and in present day where the knowledge of the human body is better and more extensive than it has ever been. That being said, it is important to know how to train it to prevent injury. Gray Cook, one of the leading experts on injury prevention has broken this down into a science by taking the most common injuries and preforming tests to spot them in order to correct them. This is called the FMS (Functional Movement System) Screening  which is designed to spot imbalance and prescribe the proper exercises to correct them. Incorrect movement patterns lead to imbalance which is the number one cause injury. So taking the steps necessary to correct dysfunctional movement is essential to training Wing Tsun. This is called prehab and it is essential to anyone who intends to take martial arts (Wing Tsun, Wing Chun, Karate, Kung Fu, Krav Maga) seriously.

Teaching your body to move in its natural patterns, creating durable strength and experimenting with compromised positions is an incredible way to prevent injury and increase functionality in the body. Natural movement training, which means not using more muscles than necessary and moving the way the body was designed to move will help power generation, endurance, and good body mechanics. But what about training in compromised positions? This is not something you would not normally hear while preparing for practice and seems contradictory, but in fact can be incredibly beneficial and be essential to injury prevention.

It is important to explore your art and experiment, while knowing about what functional movement and exploring compromised positions safely. In a fight or self defense situation, proper form and perfect execution are virtually non existent and it is important to have been conditioned for this before hand. As an example, one can get in their basic advancing stance and practice putting the upper body at different angles to get the body used to not being perfectly upright. This is more likely to occur in a chaotic situations, which makes training for this all the more necessary. Training to be compromised will give you better flexibility in your technique applications, prevent injury when deviating from form, and bring a bit more peace of mind when performing the technique when it is not executed “flawlessly.”

Wing Tsun in San Antonio has incorporated these fundamentals in basic training for these situations and serves to be more prepared and prevent any injury that would lead to more injury. Wing Tsun is a great art that is made better with proper movement, body mechanics, and prehab.

For more info look up

Gray Cook and the FMS Screening and

Kenneth Jay: The Kettlebell Institute (KBI)


A few weeks back, I was sitting and having a coffee at the Stone Oak area of San Antonio with one of my students and the conversation came up on why Wing Tsun has not picked up big in San Antonio over the course of 25 plus years of being in San Antonio? This is something I have thought about myself considering the time and effort it takes to run a functional school and teach properly.

As the conversation progressed, we boiled it down to two things, poor marketing and poor teaching methods. Aside from all the small factors of running a school, these two are the primary things that any business owner and instructor should know and take the time to learn. The ability to bring in students and the ability to keep them in the door and wanting more.

Mike Massie talks about Hunters and Grazers when it comes to Martial Arts businesses and how some go out to get students and others stay and wait. Hunting is the way to bring them in, but teaching methods keep them coming back for more. In San Antonio, Wing Tsun has had a major lack of both these things considering what Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, and Tae Kwon Do in town have become over the course of the years. The teaching methodology has caused Wing Tsun in San Antonio to stay stagnant over the course of the years and not reach its potential. An instructor has to have the priority of the student in mind in order to give the student what they need to progress.

In many cases, instructors do not expand on the curriculum they have or are unable to teach it in a sequential way for the student to retain and expand in skill. The old model was plan-less and just doing what the instructor thought up as they walked through the door. This approach is so ineffective and will always cause students with a brain to give up after being frustrated enough times. The base must be made with proper training methods and concepts. The base is normally a series of form and drills that repeat in order to integrate automatic responses. When this is accomplished, application must come next. Application with drills and other structures is so important to learn as the middle ground for putting everything together and using everything that has been learned. The next phase is flowing through all the motions and techniques that have been learned over time to retain all the knowledge and put it to use. These three things may sound basic, but are not followed to the degree that they should be. Having a plan, giving the student what they need technical wise, giving the mental support to do better, and proper understand of how learning is done will create such a great environment for the students to see progress.

The lack of these things have been major flaws of training Wing Tsun in San Antonio, and  is one of the major reasons for the ineffectiveness of the art itself. It also leads to a lack of interest for the student and will aggravate any person who wants to see progress. People need progress and without the visible progression, a school is destined to fail or stagnate.  Teach smart and the students will always want to come back for more and enjoy their Wing Tsun journey in San Antonio.

Training and working takes up a lot of time. It’s for that reason that being an effective manager when it comes to training Martial Arts in San Antonio (Wing Tsun, Wing Chun, Krav Maga, Karate, Kung Fu, Jiu Jitsu) is very important. Training Wing Tsun is no different, and it requires a good amount of effort for those people that want to reach a high level of skill with the art. Of course, this varies with the different goals and availability with people working full time jobs, having families, and everyday life situations. But this is where Wing Tsun at Studio Martial Arts truly shines.

Wing Tsun (Wing Chun) is a great martial art for the average joe who doesn’t have the time to go to the gym, train to be a super fighter and has a family that takes up the majority of time. Wing Tsun was designed for the everyday person and has effective strategies for the person that can only practice for only so long during the week. This doesn’t mean that they will become the “San Antonio Super Fighter” or “MMA Champion,” but it does mean that they will have what they need to defend themselves and be aware (assuming that they have proper trainers and people to train with).

It is always great to set aside at least 2 hours a week to practice. There are 168 hours in a week, with only two to set aside, you can feel healthier, calmer, more focused, and more ready to deal with life’s challenges. It also increases physical and mental functionality while opening the door for new avenues. It does wonders to people and allows you to improve on so many levels. It only takes a little, but the returns are very high.

During the training time it is important to always build, adjust, and hone skills. But this can only be done with proper planning, good partners, and good instruction. You will find these through proper use of time to achieve goals. Whatever your goals are in Wing Tsun, train smart by using your time wisely to keep on achieving.

Wing Tsun has always been my art in San Antonio, but there are countless martial arts from Wing Chun, Karate, Kung Fu, Krav Maga, Jiu Jitsu, and many others. These arts have some great officials with training tips and methods to help people get the best quality art possible. Ryron Gracie is one of the leading experts on Gracie Jiu Jitsu and is a phenomenal martial arts practitioner and teacher. If you are having a few issues with your training, it is important to look to the experts and model their solutions. Below are a few tips from Ryron Gracie on what you can do if a technique (submission) does not work:


Your favorite submission is not working as often as you would like.


-Most people attack with their best submission first.

-Most often the submission you attempt first does not work.

-Start attacking all the submissions that are not your favorite.

-Your opponent has no idea that you do not like those submissions.

-Use the submissions that are not your favorite to disguise your favorite.

-Take the submission your opponent gives you.”


Very basic, but very essential when you are practicing Wing Tsun or any martial art. Practice hard, listen to the pros and apply what works for you. Happy Training from Studio Martial Arts in San Antonio.

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