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This Wednesday, Studio Martial Arts had the chance to give an Anti-Bully Workshop at Myers Elementary school here in San Antonio, Tx. It was a great opportunity to give back to the community and educate the children and teachers on how to approach bullying. Martial Arts has many benefits, but for children, the ability to physically and mentally prepare for bullies is at the top of the list.

Bullying is rampant in the United States, stemming from almost every children's activity and present in every school. Over 1 million children per year are bullied in school and outside of school. This makes Martial Arts an absolute necessity to counter bullying and prevent children from mental or physical harm.

Our group was ready to present at Myers Elementary and was very impressed with the staff and the school. We got the best reception for what we were doing and enjoyed the hospitality and help needed to set up. At 8 a.m., we had our first group of 230 students from 4th and 5th grade. Using cues and mental anchors, the groups were engaged throughout the course of the presentation where we played out a few scenarios and strategies that they could use if a bully were to begin imposing on them. The children were very well behaved and engaged with questions and volunteering to practice on stage. The children did such a great job and were rewarded prizes throughout the course of the presentation.

After the first group, came groups 2 and 3 including the rest of the school totaling to more than 700 students had the opportunity to enjoy the fun. Using group and teaching techniques, it was the most successful event that we have had thus far. The children of Myers were well behaved and very willing to engage in martial arts. As the event wrapped up, we could see that we made a great impression on the school, teachers, and students. It was an event that was well worth it and helped to increase the awareness of bullying. Thank you Myers Elementary and North Side Independent School District for the great opportunity. And thank you Adam Verastegui and Glenn Tillman for all of your help and effort towards Studio Martial Arts.

It was a great day at Studio Martial Arts on Saturday Nov 15th! We were visited by two of Sifu Alex Richter's Top Instructors from City Wing Tsun in New York and the students got a chance to learn from some of the best. Sifu Nicole Daniels (3RD Level Technician) and Sifu Kaiu Atkinson (2ND Level Technician) conducted a seminar for both Studio Martial Arts and Alamo City Wing Tsun, where the students got the chance to do defense against Non-Wing Tsun attackers and Advanced Chi Sau techniques. It was a great Tag Team Seminar and the students were so enthused about learning. It was a great pleasure to see the Wing Tsun Family enjoy the visit and each others company and know that they are in for some great training in the future! Thank you Sije Nicole and Sihing Kaiu for your great instruction this weekend.

We had a great graduation class this past weekend! All the children got a chance to get their new belts and awards.

At Studio Martial Arts we award the students for all of their goals, academic achievements, reading excellence and self discipline achievement. Martial Arts is more than just punches and kicks, its about development of leaders and able people. I am so proud of my students! Congratulations to Lexi for her Green Black Striped Belt and Angel Dominguez for getting his student of the month. Great Job Everyone!

Hello Parents! We will be having a movie night this Friday at 6:30 Pm at Studio Martial Arts. We will be showing The Lego Movie and having a Buddy Class where the students can bring their friends! Their is a 100 dollar prize to anyone student that brings in the most friends, however their friend’s parents must be there to sign them in. Its going to be a fun movie night and I can’t wait to see everyone.

I had a great privilege to attend the annual Champions United convention in San Antonio,  Tx sponsored by Champions Way and United Federations. It was one of the most fun and educational times I have had as a Martial Arts School Owner and a Martial Artist. I had the chance to learn from some of the greats of these two companies from Paul Garcia, to Greg Silva and many more. I spent the majority of the time writing pages and pages of notes to further my understanding of running a Wing Tsun (Wing Chun) school in San Antonio. It takes a great deal to be a school owner and requires just as much diligence as skill as the study of a martial art; so it was well worth it.

It was very interesting, especially because I was the only Wing Tsun (Wing Cun) person that I could find in the sea of martial artists. Their were Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, Tae Kwon Do, and Kung Fu people everywhere and they were all very friendly and eager to share their knowledge of being business owners. Every person had something valuable to give and wanted only the spread of martial arts success. It was a great experience to learn from some of the best.

The final night of the workshop was the most fun, where we had a special guest appearance from Master Ken from Enter the Dojo on YouTube. Master Ken was doing his act and making the whole audience roar with laughter as he parodied the McDojo style of some martial arts instructors. A must see for any martial artist, but even better was the character of Master Ken and how much gratitude he showed for his fans. Master Ken took photos with his fans, autographed pictures and even took video. I took every opportunity to enjoy Master Ken; he even gave a special shout out to a student of mine who was a great fan of his by video, making my student's "year" as he later put it. It was by far one of my greatest moments as a martial artist and one I will never forget.

I am truly grateful for the people that helped me get to Champions United and the knowledge that I have gained. Because of it, I feel that I am much better suited to serve my students and be a more effective instructor, student, and business owner for Wing Tsun in San Antonio.

Yesterday was a great day for Wing Tsun in San Antonio Tx. It is always fun to do Martial Arts (Wing Tsun, Krav Maga, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Karate and Wing Chun), but it is even more fun to promote your art on Live TV! Great day SA invited Studio Martial Arts to attend their audience and close out their show with an explanation on Wing Tsun. It was a complete success and a great experience all together. 

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